This is why we can't have nice things anymore. Do you see that majestic beast? Well that's as close as you'll ever get to seeing a Javan rhino because now they're extinct (in Vietnam).

Researchers have officially concluded that a female Javan rhino, found dead in 2010, was the last of its kind in Vietnam. There are an estimated 35 of the species left in the entire world.

The Javan rhino is often poached for its horn, which is believed by many locals to have healing properties.This specific Javan rhino, the Lone Ranger of Cat Tien National Park, was likely shot in the leg, its horn removed, and left to die of septicemia.

Javan rhinos are gentle creatures slightly smaller than real rhinoceroses, standing just short of 6 feet tall. Their horns sell for more than $15,000 per pound on the Chinese black market. It has sharp lower incisors which it uses to fight, marks its territory with dung piles and urine spraying and will attack humans who come too close, stabbing them with its sharp teeth and oh my god nevermind. Monster. Kill it.

[Via Take Part // Image via Tumblr]