Towards the end of last year, two people were shoved onto subway tracks and killed in separate incidents. Tonight, two plainclothes NYPD cops were shot, a bystander was grazed by a bullet and a suspect was killed after opening fire at the Fort Hamilton Parkway subway stop in Brooklyn.

The officers, Luka Kazicki and Michael LaVay, had stopped the suspect on a train and exited with him at the Fort Hamilton Parkway stop in Dyker Heights after he was caught walking between subway cars, according to Mayor Michael Bloomberg at a press conference Thursday night. Both cops, assigned to the transit division, were in plain clothes.

The suspect acted as if he would comply but then pulled out a 9-mm Taurus and opened fire on the officers, Bloomberg said. LaVay was hit in the lower back and Kazicki was hit three times, at least once in each thigh. LaVay was able to return fire, killing the suspect.

One passenger was grazed in the gun battle and wasn't seriously hurt, said Police Commissioner Ray Kelly. Neither the train nor the platform was crowded at the time.

Kazicki and Lavay were taken to Lutheran Medical Center, where they are in stable condition.

This shooting came on the heels of another incident tonight, where an off-duty officer was shot in the Bronx during a robbery. So not only should you stay above ground, you probably should just stop going outside. Ever.

[via NBC New York, image via Getty]