Sheila and Dominic Traina of Staten Island were in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner when they suddenly spotted their New Dorp Beach home in an Allstate ad aimed at patting the insurer on the back for helping victims of Superstorm Sandy get back on their feet.

That might have been well and good, if not for one tiny hitch: The Trainas were in the process of suing Allstate for shortchanging them on the insurance payout.

Bolstered by the testimony of an eyewitness, the Trainas maintain that it was wind that knocked down their home of 43 years, well before floodwaters did any damage.

But Allstate blames flooding for the majority of the damage done, and since the Trainas were not covered for flood damage, the insurer would only fork over $10,000.

"It's an insult," Dominic told the Post. "Especially after we were advertised in their commercial. They're supposed to help you, not hurt you."

Allstate contends that it produced the ad "in accordance with all applicable advertising laws," and is committed "to settle claims fairly."

The Trainas, meanwhile, aren't waiting around for Allstate to do the right thing: They've hired a lawyer to help them argue their case in court.

[screengrab via Gothamist>]