This month was supposed to represent some sort of closure for Aurora, Colo., with the Cinemark that was the site of last summer's mass shooting set to reopen on Jan. 17 in a ceremony attended by the town's mayor and the state's governor. Instead it could also be marked by tragedy: police believe a gunman there is currently holding three or four hostages in a town house.

Details are still sparse, but this is the information that the police have released so far.

Officers were called to the townhome in Aurora, Colo. around 3 a.m. after reports of shots fired, Sgt. Cassidee Carlson told the Daily News. An "armed and dangerous" man was inside the home and has refused to surrender to police, she said.

As many as 40 officers, including SWAT teams and hostage negotiators, are on scene.

Police believe there are a total of three or four adults inside the home, including the suspect, Carlson said. "They haven't come out of their own free will," she said, explaining that police believe they are being kept hostage.

Carlson also said that police have had a brief conversation with the suspect on the phone, but didn't reveal any more information beyond that.

UPDATE: Three people and the gunman are dead, according to KUSA's Melissa Blasius.

Aurora police have confirmed the report:

[via NY Daily News, image via Getty]