Employees at the State Department welcomed back Secretary of State Hillary Clinton after a month-long absence due to a string of health problems.

Clinton today held the first senior staff meeting since early December, when a stomach virus forced her to remain at home. While recuperating, Clinton succumbed to severe dehydration, which caused her to faint and fall, leading to a concussion.

Two weeks later, while she was being examined by doctors, a blood clot was discovered in a vein between Clinton's skull and brain.

She received treatment at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, and released last Wednesday.

On her return, staffers greeted Clinton with a football helmet featuring the State Department's seal. She also received a football jersey labeled Clinton and 112, which corresponds to the number of countries she's visited during her time as state secretary.

President Obama recently nominated Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts to take over the top position at Foggy Bottom, but Clinton said she still has a few things to do before she leaves.

The secretary is expected to testify before Congress on Benghazi, and stated that she would like to see the recommendations of the independent Accountability Review Board implemented in full before she steps down.

[photo via @mitchellreports]