The Surprise (Arizona) Police Department has launched an investigation into the police-involved shooting death of a resident who threatened to commit suicide.

Officers were dispatched on Saturday around noon to the 15000 block of West Aster Drive, where 52-year-old Joel Byne was walking around with a rifle pressed against his head.

Police blocked off the street as they attempted to talk Byne out of killing himself. The chain of events isn't entirely clear, but at some point officers decided to employ a "less lethal device" to prevent Byne for pulling the trigger.

"The attempt was not successful," Surprise Police rep Sgt. Mike Donovan said in a statement, "and at some point during negotiations, Mr. Byne was shot by police."

Talks with Byne lasted an hour and a half. According to Sgt. Donovan, Byne "made comments to police that he was going to get them to shoot him."

After the shooting, Byne was rushed to a nearby hospital in critical condition. He was later pronounced dead.

Little information about Byne has been released so far, but a neighbor told ABC 15 that he had lived in the neighborhood until last year when he was forced to move out following the death of his ex-wife.

A friend of Byne added that Byne's ex-wife had cancer, and that Byne was taking care of her.

[screengrab via KTVK]