InAPPropriate Comedy, Vince "ShamWow! Guy" Offer's follow up to his infomercial-quality filmmaking debut The Underground Comedy Movie, bills itself as "an equal opportunity offender."

That much is true enough: This toe-cheese of a direct-to-outhouse "movie" is so impressively offensive, everyone involved in it should be made to watch it over and over A Clockwork Orange-style until the day they go to Hell.

Actually, forget everyone — just Adrien Brody.

How do you go from The Thin Red Line to The Pianist to Darjeeling Limited to The Brothers Bloom to Midnight in Paris to InAPPpropriate Comedy without a serious blow to the head?

Wait, is that what happened? Did Adrien Brody suffer a traumatic brain injury? Oh my god, I'm so sorry.

My sympathies to the Brody family at this their hour of infinite grief.

[video via YouTube]