Police in New Jersey today arrested a man who surreptitiously climbed Seaside Heights' submerged Jet Star Roller Coaster, and planted an American flag at the top.

Speaking with News 12 New Jersey, the mother of 38-year-old Chris Angelo of Lakewood said he had been displaced by Superstorm Sandy and was seeking to draw attention to Jersey Shore recovery efforts.

Diane Angulo said her son, a tree service owner, had planned to remain atop the coaster for several days, but State Police managed to talk him down after only a short while.

He was subsequently handcuffed and transported away from the scene by police van.

After his mother told the news station she would not bail him out, several viewers reached out to help. "This is America," one viewer said, "I'd like to definitely post some cash to the guy."

[photo via @LoverBoyGenius]