Every girl dreams of one day finding that perfect man whose mom she can forever lend her clothes to. For Eva Mendes, that man is Ryan Gosling. That mom: longtime Mom and 2012 university graduate Donna Gosling.

On the red carpet, Ryan explained to E! News that, since Mendes couldn't attend the premiere of his new film Gangster Squad in person, his mom had done the next best thing: wear Eva's sexy young person clothes.

"My mother's wearing all my girlfriend's clothes," said Ryan Gosling.

"I'm wearing Eva Mendes. She let me raid her closet," said Mother Goose.

It's unclear if the paisley coat Donna sports in photos from the event is made from Mendes' supple skin, or if it is merely a coat that Mendes owns.

However, the former would go a great way toward explaining the actress' mysterious absence from the event.

[E! // Image via Getty]