Another arrow in the gaunt, stylish corpse of la vie bohème: the New York Daily News reports that a judge ruled on Tuesday that a Manhattan school's firing of a French teacher was legal, after the woman allowed six eighteen-year-old girls to drink wine while on a school trip to France.

The teacher, Danièle Benatoiul, whose name in English translates to Danielle Benatoiul, was fired in 2010 after her students presented a video to the school that showed them sippin' sizzurp and le drank violet (actually just wine) at dinner. While Benatouil had received written permission from the girls' parents to serve their children alcohol, the drinking went against the Calhoun School's zero-tolerance policy.

Now here's where things go bananas. A central tenet of Benatouil's defense was that sampling the wine was an important part of French cultural education for her students. Here's what she said, per the NYDN:

"Having a glass of wine with a meal is absolutely a big part of the French cultural experience. It's very traditional - like having a hamburger in New York!"

You know. Those classic New York hamburgers. New York: The Big Hamburger. "Can I get a little cream cheese for my New York-style hamburger please?" I [hamburger] NY. "Class, please bring in a dish representative of the state you're presenting. For example, if you have New York, you might bring in a hamburger."

Listen, I love this lady as much as she and I love wine (a lot, holla girl), but she is drunk right now.

Benatouil, who worked at the school for 13 years prior to her firing, sought $120,000 (a year's worth of salary and benefits) in her wrongful termination lawsuit. The Daily News writes that she "is mulling an appeal." Over wine, perhaps.

[NYDN // Image via Shutterstock]