Nordic countries are known for eating some weird shit — so is it any surprise that one of the region's delicacies managed to shut down an entire tunnel for weeks after burning for days and releasing toxic fumes?

A truck driver was hauling 27 metric tons (~60,000lbs.) of caramelized brown goat cheese — a Norwegian staple known as Brunost — through a two-mile tunnel near the arctic town of Tysfjord when he suddenly noticed that his vehicle was on fire and jumped ship about 1,000 feet from the southern entrance.

The cheese continued to burn for nearly a week before firefighters finally managed to put out the flames.

But local authorities say the tunnel is still unsafe for human travel because of toxic gases released during the fire — and it will have to remain closed for the next several weeks.

A geologist who spoke with Norwegian television said the high levels of fat and sugar found in Brunost, which the Associated Press says "is an essential part of many Norwegians' daily diet," allow it to burn "almost like petrol if it gets hot enough."

He added that the tunnel will need to stay closed "until it's safe."

[photos via NRK, Fisken Fjorder]