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When the video of a guy talking about filming a naked "gorilla" man is as entertaining as the video of the naked "gorilla" man itself, that's how you know you're in Philadelphia, city of stars, cast of lunatics.

This past November, a naked man ran into the middle of a Philadelphia intersection and catapulted himself onto the front of a public bus. Perched on its metal bike rack, he put his boxers on his head. He peered into the bus' front window. He flopped his penis gently at the passengers inside. Classic Philly stuff.

The incident was captured via cellphone by a barber who works at the intersection. Here's how Lou Luciano, of Elvin's Major League Barbershop on Kensington and Tioga described the display to Philadelphia's NBC 10:

"So [the naked man] jumps on the SEPTA bus and he's going all crazy like a gorilla. So then he starts chaging me—of course I start running because I'm not gonna be chased by no crazy man."

Yes, after the man climbed down off of the bus, Luciano wandered into traffic to continue filming him because Philadelphia has no rules.

So the man started chasing him.

Luciano's whoops of delight quickly morphed into shrieks of terror as the man gave chase, moving with terrifyingly speed and agility for someone not wearing shoes.

Then, as abruptly as he started following Luciano, the man stopped.

Asked why he chose to film the perhaps unstable completely naked man running through his neighborhood, Luciano told reporters:

"Whaaaaaaat, you think I'm gonna miss that?"

He also had some sound advice for...himself? The naked man? We'll say Philly in general:

"Just put reality on the corner on the opposite side of craziness."

God bless you, Lou Luciano.

And God bless Philly.

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