A pair of employees at a Scottish oil company had their — and everyone else's — worst nightmare realized this week after accidentally forwarding a series of private steamy exchanges to the entire office.

Receptionist Melanie Anderson was engaged in a raunchy back-and-forth with her fiancé Eric Knisz to liven up a boring workday at Integrated Subsea Services in Aberdeen, when the sandwich van suddenly showed up.

Anderson sent out a quick note to her coworkers to inform them of the sandwich van's arrival, but in a flub to end all flubs, she inadvertently included the entire chain of X-rated emails she and Knisz had sent each other.

As you might imagine, it didn't take long at all for the faux pas to be forwarded far and wide.

Some of the more quotable lines include "I love making love to you its ace!!!," "I adores ya you sexy mofo," and "I loved our session last night...you were very very wet!"

Soon enough the chain made the inevitable leap from oil company listservs to Twitter, where it was mercilessly mocked with the hashtag #sandwichvan.

A human resources rep at ISS released a statement saying the couple was "absolutely mortified" and "apologize for any offense caused," but it seems the shame was overwhelming.

According to Aberdeen-based BBC correspondent Kevin Keane, the couple has since quit their jobs.

[photo via Shutterstock, email via Twitter]