In what would have made for a compelling multi-episode arc on season 5 of America's Next Top Model, former Top Model contestant Lisa D'Amato broke her nose in several places and shredded her forehead, lips, and chin to ribbons in what she calls "a freak accident" earlier this month. (Warning: the photos below are graphic and NSFW.)

Here is a reconstructed timeline of said accident:

January 18, 2013

  • Post meridiem: Lisa wraps production on an indie movie called "Cowboys and Indians," which co-stars the mom from 7th Heaven, Momfrom Seventhheaven.
  • +1 hour: Lisa makes snow angels.
  • + several hours: Lisa celebrates the closing of a life chapter by doing light gymnastics, as you do.
  • + several hours, some minutes: Lisa attempts a handstand.
  • + several hours, some minutes, 2 seconds: Lisa lands on her face.
  • simultaneously: A friend lands on top of her (physics unclear).
  • + 1 split second: Lisa's face explodes.

If you're curious about how a face looks after it explodes, Lisa posted pictures [another warning: graphic] everywhere.

Pictures in which she no longer looks like Lisa

Pictures in which she continues to work her angles despite the fact that the center strip of her face has been ripped off and replaced with raw, wet meat.

Fortunately, D'Amato is feeling optimistic about her recovery, as well as the plastic surgery that a horrific facial injury brings:

"Plastic surgeon says I'll be 100% in a month w/ a bit of a cuter nose even. So that's cool. Love you guys!! "

Botched handstands and exploding faces are not out of character for Lisa, whose bizarre antics on Top Model (remember when she put on a wig and talked about cookies?) rendered her, if not a fan favorite, at least a fan ohmygodlisa.

D'Amato came in first place on America's Next Top Model: All Stars in 2011, and appeared on Celebrity Rehab in 2009 ("place" unknown).

[h/t NYDN / Instagram / Facebook // Image via Getty]