Have you seen this mouse?

After three marijuana bags were ripped open inside their property and evidence facility and several "nuggets of evidence" went missing, the Wichita Police Department held a press conference to assure the public the suspect's apprehension was nigh.

They even brought along a sketch artist's rendition of what the culprit: A white male, around six inches tall, answers to the name "Mickey."

That's right: According to Lt. Doug Nolte, the marijuana was likely stolen by mice that have made the facility their home.

"It is not that uncommon," he told reporters. "Marijuana being an organic material has a very strong odor that would attract animals such as mice."

Nolte said exterminators have been called, and the police will do everything in their power to bring the rodents to justice.

[H/T: The World's Best Ever, photos via @goseabrook]