In an interview last week with The New New Republic, President Obama revealed that "we do skeet shooting all the time" at Camp David. Not everyone believes him. In response to these "Skeet Truthers", the White House released a photo this morning which shows President Obama shooting a shotgun last August. There is smoke coming out of the barrel, an indicator that the shotgun has just fired something, which, we can assume, was a bullet shotgun shell. Or maybe he did nothing at all.

(Maybe the bullet shell is going back into the gun because Obama hates guns so much he's invented a gun that un-shoots itself. What about that, guys?)

Obama, who is pushing Congress to enact sweeping legislation against assault rifles and high capacity magazines, professed in the TNR interview that he has "a profound respect for the traditions of hunting that trace back in this country for generations."

But this photograph is not proof enough for some news outlets. The Washington Post's Fact-Checker is not so sure Obama shoots skeet "all the time." Fox News admits that maybe Obama shot skeet once, but definitely not all the time.

So Obama has shot a rifle shotgun, but not near enough times to get in with the cool kids at the NRA:

"He clearly doesn't get it," said Chris Cox, the chief lobbyist for the National Rifle Association. "But in his effort to pursue a political agenda, he apparently is willing to convince gun owners that he's one of us, that he's a Second Amendment supporter." Mr. Cox said no one was fooled. "Skeet shooting, whether you've done it or not, doesn't make you a defender of the Second Amendment."

Obviously, there's just no point in getting down with guns unless you're down with guns that can stop a small army. Even Rambo thinks that's a bit outrageous.

Some incorrect gun terms have been corrected.