The trail is apparently cold in pursuit of alleged killer Christopher Dorner as police begin to scale back their search in the San Bernardino Mountains, Dorner's last know whereabouts. Los Angeles Police Commissioner Charlie Beck has offered an easy surrender to Dorner, announcing to the fugitive:

"If you turn yourself in, then you will be safe and nobody else has to die. If you don't, if you decide to try to take the life of another Los Angeles police officer or their family member, then you'll have to suffer the consequences."

Elected officials and police are expected later today to announce a one million dollar reward for information leading to the capture and arrest of Dorner. He was last seen on Thursday.

Los Angeles police have also reopened his dismissal case, but, Commissioner Beck made clear that it was not being done "to appease a murderer." He spoke candidly about the LAPD's past with racism and is reopening the dismissal for the sake of transparency.

Charlie Sheen has released a video on TMZ asking Dorner to call him. Sheen was one of the many celebrities that Dorner mentioned in his lengthy, rambling manifesto.