Flash a piece, get some cheap pizza.

That's the motto of a pizza shop owner from Virginia Beach who recently started handing out discounts to gun owners, provided they bring their weapon into the restaurant.

Or, failing that, their concealed weapons permit.

Jay Laze of All Around Pizzas and Deli says he was inspired to offer gun owners a 15% discount on pizza after learning of a Utah frozen yogurt shop that had done the same.

"I thought it was a great idea and I was wondering why nobody here was doing it," he told NewsChannel3. "It should be happening all around the country."

Though he intend the offer to last only a limited time, the overwhelming response had convinced him to consider making it a permanent feature.

Laze told the Associated Press that some 80 percent of all customers have come in carrying a weapon. One customer even brought in his AK-47.

"It's part of our rights as Americans and everybody should be entitled to the option if they want to," said patron Brendan Kelly, "so it's nice to have an incentive."

[screengrab via WTKR]