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"Sex on the Beach" was an entirely different kind of cocktail for a pair of young Brazilian lovers and the large crowd of onlookers who witnessed their unabashed water sports on Carnival Saturday.

Local news outlet O Dia reports that hundreds of beachgoers in the Atlantic Ocean-adjacent city of Rio das Ostras got an eyeful of sea saltiness when an unidentified couple started getting wet and wild in full view of "elderly people and children."

Though a few party poopers attempted to halt the hardcore PDA by demanding that someone call the cops, they were ultimately allowed to conclude their business, and even received a rousing round of applause from their fellow bathers upon finishing.

But because no sexy deed goes unpunished, the two were eventually hauled into the local police precinct and charged with indecent exposure. They were ordered to pay a fine, and were released shortly thereafter.

Word is it was totally worth it.

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