Hell hath no fury like a Scottish optician scorned.

Having recently uncovered a clandestine Facebook account through which his girlfriend had allegedly been keeping in touch with her other boyfriend, Martin Melrose decided he would get back at her by broadcasting her infidelity on Facebook.

But announcing his discovery on his own Facebook page would hardly constitute revenge — so Melrose logged in as his girlfriend and left his tell-all on her page instead.

"Since this was hidden on Facebook, I'll reveal it on Facebook," he wrote in a scathing status update. "Sarah has had a boyfriend for over a year."

He goes on to claim that a man whom he had been led to believe was a "weird short spotty stalker" was actually his girlfriend's lover.

"Our aniversary (sic) was in November and we went along to the Hilton in Amsterdam," Melrose writes. "At the same time she has been fucking Robert McNeil on nights out on money borrowed off me!"

Sarah and Robert's affair had apparently been kept from Martin by way of a second secret Facebook account, which Sarah had used "to pretend to the guys at the Red Cross that she was single," according to Melrose, who adds: "And to hide her slut behaviour from me."

In an interview with The Daily Record, Melrose explains that Sarah had started a job at the Red Cross in August of last year, "but never told anyone about me so they believed she was single."

When a colleague suddenly started texting her, Melrose became suspicious. He eventually came across the secret Facebook account and confronted her, but she denied any wrongdoings and deleted the account.

Later, however, he says he "managed to log back into the secret account and found hundreds of messages between her and the other guy."

As for what's next for him, Melrose says he's upset, "but this gives me more time to spend with my friends and doing jujitsu."

[photos via Facebook]