Oscars host Seth MacFarlane closed out the show alongside proud pipsqueak Kristin Chenoweth with an original musical number dedicated to the night's losers. Since it was dreadful (and murmured as if MacFarlane and Chenoweth knew to be embarrassed), we can do better. Here's a proper ode to the losers: the exact moment that the nominees lost (and one won) looped for eternity. (This an update to this post of the losers throughout the years that I put together last year.) This is the reason that the animated gif was invented.

Best Actor is above — the rest of the major categories follow.

My favorites are Alan Arkin, Emmanuelle Riva and...Emmanuelle Riva. In their respective acting categories, they look positively pissed. Hooray for honesty. And in the director's category, Riva looks flat-out confused as David O. Russell seems to have fled the scene, if he was even sitting next to her in the first place. I don't know, that was weird.

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Best Supporting Actor

Best Supporting Actress