Kanye West concluded his Sunday concert at London's Hammersmith Apollo by repeatedly howling, so you know it was a great show. He was performing 2006's formerly breezy single "Touch the Sky" when he unleashed and then threw down his mic. Apparently, this made as little sense within context as it does without. Says GQ UK:

Everything came to a head with a particularly petulant encore of "Touch The Sky", which concluded with West screaming and throwing his microphone down. "What the hell is wrong with this guy?" said a fan next to me. We still don't know.

He also donned a furry white yeti mask, which was very MF Doom visits the Star Wars bar. Additionally there were, according to GQ, "bauble-covered mask [and] a feather-laced coverup - the former making him look like a camp Batman baddie." The latter, butcher mask became a point of contention, says the London Evening Standard:

Ever the perfectionist, he sent a roadie scurrying away for trying to remove the feathered mask he had placed on his microphone stand like a head on a spike. Then he restarted "All of the Lights," demanding a greater crowd response.

Is it art, therapy or a tantrum? Only Kanye knows for sure, maybe.