It turns out that AOL users are not only confusingly out of date regarding their email service, but also they are more likely to head to a strip club for bachelor party festivities. AOL users account for 25.7% of pre-booked entries to strip clubs. Yahoo users follow with 24.6% and Hotmail after with 21.8%.

This analysis comes from ChilliSauce, a British source for booking "stag nights" or "hen nights" (bachelor and bachelorette parties respectively). This data was gleaned from 97,000 ChilliSauce users.

The AOL users are also most likely to spend the least amount of money per person on their bachelor party activity—with £92.52 spent on average. People with work emails, i.e. super employed people, spend the most per person, with £104.62 average.

Before moving onto the conclusive point, two quick cultural questions: why is "chili" misspelled as "chilli" and also why are British people or any people using American Online at all?

In conclusion, that address is doing you no favors.

[New York Observer , image via White78/Shutterstock]