A Batman wannabe who captured the world's inner comic-book nerd has had his cowl lifted by British media — revealing a 39-year-old takeaway delivery man who was helping his burglar pal pull a prank on police.

"Obviously it was done as a joke," Stan Worby told ITV Daybreak.

He went on to explain that 27-year-old Danny Frayne, who was wanted on burglary and fraud-related charges, personally asked him to drive him down to the Bradford police station on February 25th.

"I told him as soon as I was home I would run him to Bradford central police station," Worby recalled.

Having just been to a soccer game wearing the Batman costume, Worby thought it would be amusing to wear it again to the police station.

He never expected to have his private practical joke become the subject of international headlines.

But officers in Buttershaw, who say Worby exclaimed "I've caught this one for you!" before taking off, thought the gag was too good not to share, and uploaded CCTV stills to their Facebook page.

From there, the images circulated far and wide, earning Worby overnight fame.

He doesn't mind the fame — but he does mind being called chubby. "I've got my full tracksuit underneath," Worby insisted. "I'm not just wearing this — it's too thin."

As for his newfound identity as the "Bradford Batman," Worby says it was likely a one-time deal, but isn't putting his cape in the closet just yet.

"Danny's a good friend of mine and I've known him for 15 years or so," he said. "Who knows if I'll be doing some more crime-fighting in the future?"

[CCTV still via Facebook]