After a collision with a drunk driver in 1996 left Linda Smith with brain damage and a mild case of dementia, her daughter Lisa quit a full-time modeling job to become her mother's live-in caregiver.

The Menifee, California, natives got by on what money they could gather from Lisa's part-time jobs, Linda's disability, and a caregiver stipend Lisa received from the government.

But recently Linda was informed by her doctors that she was well enough to live alone, and the plug was pulled on Lisa's caregiver income.

As a result, she has been forced to reenter the full-time job market following a 16-year hiatus.

"I've been putting out resumes since August," Lisa told a local CBS affiliate. "I did a record number of 31 in three weeks and got absolutely nothing."

Linda knew there wasn't much she could do to help her daughter land a job — but she was determined to do what she could.

Lisa admits that having her mother hold a sign offering $500 to any passing motorist who helps her get a job was strange at first, but trying and failing for so long eventually got to her. "I started acquiescing," she told the Riverside Press-Enterprise.

Linda's money does come with strings attached, however.

"I'm offering $500 cash the minute she gets hired for $15 or more as an executive assistant or an office job," she said.

A few drivers stopped to pick up a resume, but many declined, telling Linda they were job seekers themselves.

[screengrab via the Press-Enterprise]