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Almost exactly two years to the day that UCLA student Alexandra Wallace posted her now-infamous "ching chong ling long" anti-Asian rant on YouTube, another university student is learning an important lesson about not being a racist on the Internet.

Indiana resident Samuel Hendrickson uploaded a video to his Facebook page yesterday that went viral overnight and generated a considerable amount of anger.

In the video, oxymoronically titled "Why I'd Hate To Be Asian (Totally Not Racist)," Hendrickson reads off a list of stereotypical reasons he would hate to be Asian.

They're all here: All Asians look alike; they all work at sweatshops; they're all good at math; Asian men are all bad in bed.

Oh, and Asian women are unattractive and sushi tastes bad.

Needless to say, the backlash was swift and Hendrickson had quite a bit of explaining to do.

According to the person who spotted the video and uploaded it to YouTube for safekeeping, his first attempt at apologizing was rather lacking:

He and his friends spammed my Facebook and called me a "raging faggot" and said he would "dismantle me socially" for standing up against him. He even sent me a message thanking me for posting this video. He said "I was going to post it myself".

He eventually got better at it, however.

After the outcry got a little louder, Hendrickson began backpedaling on Twitter: "Id like to apologize to the asian community for my video 'Why Id Hate To Be Asian' I do not hate Asians, nor am I racist. It was a joke #yup."

He eventually removed the video from his Facebook page, and replaced it with this:

I would like to really apologize to the entire Asian race and anyone else offended by my video. What I did was a joke but was not taken as one, with that being said, I sincerely am sorry for offending anyone.

Hard to say if this will be the end of it, but it probably won't be if Hendrickson has anything to do with it.

His last tweet reads, "Only I could manage to get an entire race to hate me in just one night. Dear Lord. Lol."

UPDATE: Despite several claims to the contrary, a rep from Indiana University insists that Hendrickson is not enrolled at IU at this time, and identifying him as an IU student is "doing significant harm to our institution's good name." In light of this statement, the post above has been appropriately revised.

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