Mayor Bloomberg believes that the reason behind New York City's staggering rise in homelessness is not because of the city's high unemployment or incredible inequality, but rather people (who would be in an income bracket very much like the mayor's) who take limos and private jets on their way to the homeless shelter.

In his weekly radio address this Friday, Bloomberg said,

"You can arrive in your private jet at Kennedy Airport, take a private limousine and go straight to the shelter system and walk in the door and we've got to give you shelter."

Bloomberg is trying to prove a point in reference to the 1981 law which compels the city to provide shelter for homeless people (which he hasn't been very good at enforcing, anyway). Bloomberg is again operating under the strange assumption that someone would actually want to stay in a New York City homeless shelter when they have the means not to.

The 13th richest man in the world then went on to blame pretty much everyone but his administration for the homelessness problem, including the Coalition for the Homeless, the governor, and taxpayers themselves. Bloomberg asked New Yorkers to tell Albany to strike down the 1981 law because their tax money "just cannot go subsidize everybody's rent" and that "we ain't gonna do this anymore." C'mon, guys, we just "ain't," right?

Bloomberg himself has refused to use federal money to help move homeless families into public housing, further helping the overcrowding issue.