Looks like anyone hoping to see a grown woman battle a 14-year-old 24-year-old in the press will be going home disappointed; Tina Fey has neither the time nor the patience for you to make her nonexistent feud with Taylor Swift "a thing."

The latest skirmish in the War on Women, by Women, for Women took place last week on the streets of New York City, when a paparazzi photographer attempted to cajole Fey into saying something like, "If Taylor Swift were here right now, I'd kick her ass " or, "Taylor Swift is one nutty bitch" or even, "Taylor Swift momma so fat, she jumped in the air and got stuck."

"Do you think Taylor Swift overreacted with the joke?" the photographer asked Tina Fey as she crossed the street, even though we already know what Tina Fey thinks ("It was a lighthearted joke") because she told us.

"Go fuck yourself," smiled Tina Fey.

"Do you think she took the joke a little too far?" the photographer continued, clearly not having yet fucked himself. "Can you comment on anything?"

"You can go fuck yourself," said Tina Fey, as she pretended to answer a lot of texts, like we all do when we feel uncomfortable.

The photographer then told Tina Fey she was not being nice. Tina Fey responded, "Get a job, dude."

Unfortunately, E! appears to have scrubbed video of the incident from the Internet since it was shot last week; but, like all moments that have ever occurred, it has been preserved in .gif form:

There's a special place in hell for women who don't help photographers who accost them on the street.

[NYDN // Image via Getty // .gif h/t Buzzfeed]