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While performing the musical equivalent of twinkletoes, "Suit & Tie," on Saturday Night Live this weekend, Justin Timberlake altered one of its lines in an apparent jab at Kanye West. "My hit's so slick got rappers acting dramatic," sang Timberlake instead of the usual, "Shit so sick got a hit and picked up a habit." Oooh, burn. Calling Kanye West dramatic is like calling him a rapper or an oxygen breather.

The drama in question most likely refers to a rant Kanye unleashed at a London show last month, in which he stated, "I got love for Hov, but I ain't fucking with that 'Suit & Tie.'" ("Hov" refers Kanye's Watch the Throne partner Jay-Z, who guests on the Timberlake track.) With that, Kanye kicked off the obviousness: Implying that the midtempo comeback single "Suit & Tie" is underwhelming is just a half step away from calling it a midtempo comeback single. We know.

How far will these superstar demands for satisfaction go? A game of Connect Four to settle things? A thumb war? I, for one, look forward to the next chapter of this, the Great Dandy War of 2013.

[via Vulture]