A former temp employee at an Orlando-based foam manufacturing plant is suing the company and the temp agency that sent him there after losing his penis and testicles in a horrific onsite accident.

In his lawsuit, Edgardo Toucet, a Puerto Rican who speaks no English, alleges that a failure on the part of Future Foam and Spartan Staffing to properly train him on the safe use of a carpet foam cutting machine ultimately led to the severing of his private parts in the January 2010 incident.

According to Toucet, he "received no orientation or other formalized instruction or training in preparation for his temporary work assignment as a peeler machine helper."

Toucet had been tasked with removing a foam core from the peeler machine, and was unaware that doing so would result in the machine's activation.

"The surgically sharp steel blade sliced through Toucet's pelvis cutting off his penis and testicles while virtually cutting his body in half," previous court documents state.

Toucet and his attorneys further claim that Future Foam was negligent in improperly moving a protective guard from the machine, and was aware of the peeler's potential to cause severe injury or even death.

The lawsuit does not specify the amount in damages being sought by the plaintiff.

[photo via FMA Trading]