"Dark news cometh in an unholy land." A Bible verse that prophesied our modern Gomorrah called America? Actually it's just a phrase I made up. Now let us segue into the news that religion in America is at an all time low.

The United States of America, under god—a free land formed by men who embraced Christian values, like slavery—was founded, as I just mentioned, but will now reiterate, as a Christian land. Our founding fathers made very clear their feelings on what should be done with heathens, by reaching out a hand to the savage Red Indian. And in that hand was a gun, which slew him. Perhaps if Jesus had seen fit to bless the native savages with belief in Him, we all could have been saved a lot of genocidal effort.

The situation is not so ideal today. Like values, and the quality of music, and the modesty of women, religion is on the decline in This Great Nation. A new survey out of UC Berkeley finds that "Religious affiliation in the United States is at its lowest point since it began to be tracked in the 1930s." (Theoretically it could have been lower at some point before the 1930s, but hating god has only been "cool" since the invention of the demon "jazz," so it's doubtful.) A full 1/5 of Americans now report no religious affiliation at all—not even with easy, entry-level cults like Mormonism, or Islam. Who is most to blame, my lord?

Liberals are far more likely to claim "no religion" (40 percent) than conservatives (9 percent)...
More than one-third of 18-to-24-year-olds claimed "no religion" compared to just 7 percent of those 75 and older.

Young liberals. How sadly typical. YE SHALL BE LEFT BEHIND.

[Berkeley via Counterparties. Pic via]