CNN earned the ire of thousands over the weekend when it aired coverage of the Steubenville Rape trial that was shockingly sympathetic toward the rapists.

"Incredibly difficult, even for an outsider like me, to watch what happened as these two young men that had such promising futures," correspondent Poppy Harlow told anchor Candy Crowley, who then turned around and asked a legal expert to weigh in on the "lasting effect" being found guilty of rape will have on the lives of "sixteen-year-olds just sobbing in court."

Given the Onion-y nature of CNN's coverage, it may not be all that surprising to learn that The Onion did a story two years ago that shares some disturbing similarities with CNN's take.

"I was a staff writer on the Onion's show 'SportsDome' which aired on Comedy Central in 2011," writes Krister Johnson in the intro to Onion Sports Network story "Athele Overcomes Rape." "This is one of the stories we did—full credit to David Iscoe for the idea and script. It could have been produced by the CNN team covering the Steubenville rape verdict."

Who needs Onion-like stories in real life when actual Onion stories are becoming real life?

[H/T: BroBible]