Jake Moran, better known to fans of gluttony and greed as that guy who wouldn't share his ice cream with his girlfriend during last week's Pacers-Magic game, appeared on this morning's Good Morning America with his eminently forgiving significant other Georgia Arnett to discuss the motivation behind the snub seen round the world.

"I didn't want her to have my ice cream," Moran responded coolly.

Arnett quickly moved in to assure viewers she wasn't dating a monster. "We do it a lot," she said, "only this time it was recorded."

She also confirmed reports that she was holding her own portion of ice cream just off screen.

Still, Arnett won't need to rely on Moran's generosity for a taste of sweet frozen treats — at least for the coming year.

Deeply moved by the incident, Blue Bell ice cream has agreed to supply Arnett with free ice cream for a year, which, for some reason, Arnett has said she will share with Moran.

[screengrab via FOX59]