Bassem Youssef, the Egyptian TV host and satirist known as "Egypt's Jon Stewart," was arrested over the weekend for insulting President Mohamed Morsi and Islam. America's Jon Stewart, who's had Youssef on as a guest in the past, took the opportunity to defend his friend and counterpart (and knock Morsi for anti-Semitism) on The Daily Show last night.

Youssef, for his part, was released on bail yesterday, but not until after he'd had a little more fun at Morsi's expense:

Arriving at the prosecutor general's office on Sunday, Youssef was wearing an oversized version of a graduation hat modelled on one donned by the president when he was awarded an honorary degree in Pakistan earlier in March.

Youssef has worn the hat on his widely-watched show, one of many satirical jabs at the president. Last year, he poked fun of Mursi's repeated use of the word "love" by singing a love song to a red pillow with the president's face printed on it.