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Hillsborough County officials have released video of the sinkhole that killed a man in his home in Seffner, Florida in early March. Jeff Bush, 37, was swallowed into the 60-foot-deep sinkhole before his brother Jeremy could save him.

The video was taken by a contractor who put a camera on the end of a pole that he stuck into Jeff Bush's bedroom window. Jeremy Bush says the sinkhole is deeper than when he tried to rescue his brother. "You can't see anything that was in there, than what I seen before, when I first jumped in," he told the Bradenton Herald. Previously, he said he saw his brother's mattress and bedspring sinking into the depths.

While Bush says he is glad this sinkhole can serve as a lesson to others, he is haunted by the loss of his brother:

"It was much, much, bigger than I thought. I'm having a hard time dealing with this myself. I went back to both jobs, and it's really hard not having my brother there beside me. I think about him all the time and I hear him in my head hollering for me to help him still."

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