YouTube prankster Roman Atwood is mostly known for his "epic pee prank" in which, as the title might suggest, he uses a water bottle to pretend to pee in public in full view of police officers.

Atwood mostly uses his faux-peeing skills for evil, but in a recent twist, he decided to do some good by using his mock-urine to fight for justice.

Spotting an able-bodied individual parking his Ferrari in a disabled parking space, Atwood took out his trusty water bottle, poked a hole in it, and let the pretend-piss do the talking.

The car's owner, seeing this, did not take the nonviolent protest well, and decided to respond with a violent counterprotest of his own.

Why yes, the phrase "I could buy your whole family" does eventually get uttered. How did you know?

[H/T: Reddit]