British Pathé, the enormous newsreel archive that has previously shared reported clips on everything from Beatlemania to Arnold Schwarzenegger, uploaded its entire collection of historical footage to its YouTube channel this week, all digitized in pristine HD format for your viewing pleasure.

"Our hope is that everyone, everywhere who has a computer will see these films and enjoy them," says Alastair White, General Manager of British Pathé. "This archive is a treasure trove unrivalled in historical and cultural significance that should never be forgotten. Uploading the films to YouTube seemed like the best way to make sure of that."

The footage, which doesn't simply include clips from Britain, includes the World's Fair Parade of 1939, clips from WWI, the Miss World Pageant of 1969, as well as a number of reports and stories from across the globe from 1896 to 1976.

The full archive can be accessed at this link, when you have the time to scroll through and process that all of this is available at a click. A few, as well, are posted below for browsing.

Is this how our children will learn in the future? No more text-based teaching—only video footage that shows (though biased) the actual events?

Sports highlights from 1958:

A cabinet meeting in New Delhi, India (1946):

A commercial for Victorian nighties in 1955: