A semitruck full of boxes of honeybees rolled over on a highway in Lynnwood, Washington early Friday morning. Can you imagine? A semitruck full of boxes of honeybees, rolling over on a highway, of all places? Well, be(e)lieve it!

The Seattle Times reports the driver—who is fine, don’t bee worried ;)—lost control of the truck around 3:30 a.m., sending it careening into a guardrail. Four hundred and fifty-eight hives holding 14 million bees, reportedly worth $92,000, spilled onto Interstate 5.

According to the AP, Belleville Honey and Beekeeping Supply of Burlington, the company that owned all the bees, sent beekeepers to the scene shortly after the crash, where they rounded up 128 hives—all of the honeybees they could before the weather got too warm and the bees became agitated. What about the bees they couldn’t round up? Well, I won’t lie to you, pal—those bees were killed by the fire department.

And what about the people around all those bees? Sgt. Ben Lewis of the State Patrol told the Seattle Times, “Everybody’s been stung.” Damn.

The Washington State Department of Transportation told the Seattle Times, “Lots of stinging going on.” Damn!

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