According to the Tompkins County Sheriff’s Office, a man was seen handing out these fliers in the Town of Newfield and on the Cornell University campus in an attempt to recruit his very own “Nymph Squad Commune.”

The fliers specify exactly what it takes to join the Nymph Squad. The man is looking for “13 Spiritually Alive, White, European, Caucasian, Blue Eyed, Green Eyed GIRLS to be my LIFE Partners, & to Join My Private, Spiritually Alive Commune.” He further specifies that he wants GIRLS who play instruments, love cooking, and who an affinity for “Putin & Hitlers System.” But this is not just going to be a relationship built on shared political values. Nope. Interested ladies must also love “Spiritually Alive White on White SEX.”

If you want to reach him, here’s his website and while the flier lists one phone number, his website lists a different number and says the first number is no longer his. I called the flier number and it goes straight to a young female’s voicemail message. The second number goes to the voicemail message of "Stevie Hayes." I've texted that number and left a message, so who knows.

The police are currently looking for the man who has been passing out the fliers. He is described as a 6'0" tall, short brown hair, white, male who drives a late 90's Chevrolet Lumina or Monte Carlo.

[Image via Tompkins County Sheriff’s Office’s Photos]