From time to time, is pleased to present content from, the "foul-mouthed Hungarian news blog" with which we share a parent company. Today, we bring you the story of the wedding of Nick Denton, told by Szily László, and translated by Google.

I've never been so good like wedding, such as Nick Denton and Derrence in Washington was in Central Park. Vaguely remember some details of the event, but a conclusion could be deducted from the institution of marriage to save him when the ban heterosexual weddings.

First off, let me disappoint the dozens of my friends who are asked to South Park Matt Stone Guesser I watch every move and word like wedding. It was so good because the party what so far have been able to look for Stone - that were beyond the ceremony, the garden drinking, dinner and talking through - and I so drunk as North America's largest, but the booze is legendary macskaféléje misaligned, the puma. Maybe that's why, maybe because of crazy good-looking and is all the better shaker men and women, but sucked on the dance floor, and not let out till they get billowing from the Natural History Museum's garden túlvégében available planetarium at the end of the lecture a voice tell, the celebrated While snuck away, and the party is over.

Although this was the first melegesküvője life, in Addition to one of the world's most famous museum in Which one of the world's most famous park in the middle of New York City, this FACT much more excited to see what the American press in general Machine Man , heartless monster, Cynical manipulator - and These three - into portrayed Gawker empire-and zinc-owner Nick Denton emotional role, and what kind of party frock. The two herbicide answer touching and wonderful.

(Early disclaimer. Exterminator old friend Nick, yet very beginning of the nineties, when he was in front of blogmogullá became Financial Times correspondent in Budapest)P

I went to quite a few weddings in my life, and all of them memorable for another reason. One because I stuck (minus half a point to the girl, with whom he arrived) and the other because there my first time, I rolled by hand spiral pasta, and third, because towards the Tisza floodplain jerky long white limousine nearly drowned in India a man's stomach smuggled, csarasz called hashish types of smoke from the fourth because of poorly remembered what he said to the groom Serbian wedding customs to follow, and towards the church running every wine glass to me offered a spectacular mugs were emptied, and, as it turned out, point to have would have been the point is that it should only have to sip it all of the above and more to make us feel the brotherhood. It is good that you are not lynched, in addition to me after I had to read the holy lesson, and could hardly stand.

But none of the wedding so memorable because it was the topic of how the participants love one another.

I start from the beginning.

The partying has begun months earlier, when the invitation arrived and found out that there is a dress code, even "black tie", which required a tuxedo.

Like any healthy person all my life I have hated the idea of formal attire is festive, never was, accordingly, not like me. Therefore, at first I was afraid that the terror will soon take the place of terror. How do I get that? And if you have a costume I draw, what is? Should I buy or rent? If you do not Dictate to me, so I will not look like a little king kimosakodott Csongrad county hunting dance?

As it turns out, are all invited to New York and Budapest, as these broke his head began to spin in the dressmaker names and addresses, rental, and found a couple of days to have a common preparation is great fun. I almost feel comfortable with the $ 170 New York Tuxedo idea when he took Imola Kemenesi Tunde fashion workshop, with whom he used to work with on set.Kemenesi encrusted in at least a dozen tuxedo, a conservative feketétéktől asymmetric, bőrberakásos retail pophegedűs blokes. First terribly sad when I realized that a plain tuxedo jacket, tastelessly shiny silk lapels and side-striped pants. In fact, secretly hoping pingvinfarokban. And the master pulled out a real woman then tails that uneducated tuskóként see the difference.

Textiles Party II so quickly I did not fall in love yet. Lazarus dzsigolósan Giovanni smiled at me, and while the pezsgőspohárról reflected light glinting gold to oiled hair, she gently bit one billion euros in EU aid sensually swollen lower lip, filled the gyémántsörétet and fácánozó a rifle shot through the heart.

Every minute a waste of time, can not hurt a man in tails. The tails of happiness itself. What could be better than hurt of man flanked by flag penguin tail, Which is getting the lowest bounce enthusiastic flapping? Well, nothing. And it is not uncomfortable to even, making the best kept.

Je Suis Belle Song Imola today, was borrowed from a hot green dress and have already had the equipment.

Seemingly endless series of pre-parties Also came to an end once and come Saturday. I figured harm was changing, the World Wide Web can help you learn to knit three minutes.Drama big bow tie in my case was a black knit, besides the classic black and the white models. If you've been pulled tails, Knotted myself wanted the Latter. But pretty soon it Became Clear That The Time pressure bandage bow-learn hopeless than a limited exploratory Orban's Fidesz Talks are to explain harm Liberal Democracy is not really the end of the world. Thus, the elastic chap stayed in disgrace, but until hurt Point confusion until I Understood the museum.

Here soon I had to face up to the FACT hurt gay weddings - Certainly it's at-least - about something totally different than the events of the same name on the straights. It is Not Even Because both parties are violently tears came to the podium. It is Also Possible Straight to anyone who has come to also seated dinner and Under, or The Fact That I had to call the Eugene lousy ones. But it really hurt after does not drop anything else but how much They love each other and how the parties euphorically happy to get married, so it was quite incongruous wedding.

There Were flower girls, friends koszorúsfiúk read up quotes, remember your dear dead, who can no longer be here, the registrar - one of the young couple Analyst - perfectly combined the dignity of the tension with humor, but the best part of the ceremony When was the grooms speech said each other. Even Derrence sang, masterfully blended with a declaration of love to quote Beyonce and funny Obscenity, Nick said it best text of her life, until I could no tears, while he did not say hurt, "That it is always expected I would be successful, but it never to be happy too. "Then I joined a short time Derrence nagynénijeihez sitting in my neighborhood, but luckily soon I could pull myself together. You may not have been a problem if it is not, since tails cry really cool thing.

Ministráltam I grew from a small, kind of a lot of ceremony I attended, he was hanging by a friend of mine for many years theaters, such catharsis but normally not very developed one of the places I have lived through.

After the ceremony, filed out into the garden for drinks, dinner, then came the speeches.The American sentiment clash with the British sense of humor, the result has been perfect all tie. And then came the dance, Causing a great deal I expected, but nevertheless it stopped my breath.

How to beat a crowd vibrate, which is one half of both sexes feketékből play him, another half is available from hot and Beyonce type of music? Well even úgyabbul much as he would have imagined. The thing is not crippling, but it was liberating, in which some parts have been consumed by then 8-17 gintonicnak well. Csípőrázásban because everyone was so good, I chose the dysfunctional antics, Imola and tails that time.

The end of it was invented as a professional stadium concert Reconciliation. They said to begin with the screening of the planetarium, áttódultunk, hátradőltünk, eagerly gazing at the planets that - as I said - in the end tell the loudspeaker, while the young couple left, and the party is over.

Then I jumped Heather, Gawker's lawyer-hood party, then into half hazatámolyogtunk quarters.

I love meghatódni anywhere, but this emotional event I have never been in my life. The extra fun to Nick, if we are to believe the press is officially the world of online media market legszívtelebb machine shark. Who is stupid enough to believe the press?