Steve Cullum was flying back home, minding his own business, when he suddenly found himself crotch-to-face with a very sleepy seatmate.

"This lady was totally out of it," Cullum writes in the video's description. "As soon as she sat down, she started falling asleep, and it only got worse as the flight continued."

What followed were several long and awkward minutes of Cullum attempting to extricate this unsolicited stranger from his genital region.

And on a somewhat related note, can we all agree to put something in writing that says middle-seaters get both armrests? C'mon! Window-seaters get the window, aisle-seaters get to go to the bathroom whenever they want. Give the middle-seaters something for chrissakes!

It's bad enough they have to sit next to both a colicky newborn and a man who wears his BO like perfume.

[H/T: Reddit]