An unidentified man pretending to be Psy managed to convince all of Cannes that he was the real deal simply by introducing himself as the "Gangnam Style" singer.

The Hollywood Reporter says the impostor had been "spotted all over town" at festival parties and after-parties, hanging out with celebrities eager to snap photos with that horse-dance guy from the Internet.

"Me and [Psy] at the @Chopard party in #Cannes!!" tweeted a starstruck Naomie Harris (28 Days Later, Pirates of the Caribbean, Skyfall).

The paparazzi were similarly fooled: FilmMagic, a division of Getty Images dedicated to "global celebrity sightings," labeled the conman "Psy" in several photos until the ruse was revealed by the real Psy himself.

"Seems like there's another ME at cannes," the singer tweeted from Singapore. "Say Hi to him."

[photos via Getty, Twitter]