The abject Britney Spears-ing of Amanda Bynes rages on today, as the actress enters Day 2 of the 72 hour involuntary psychiatric hold she was placed under after starting a small fire with a gasoline tank in the driveway of an elderly stranger in her hometown of Thousand Oaks Monday night.

On Wednesday, TMZ posted video taken from a liquor store surveillance camera that appears to show Bynes rushing into an "employees only" area cradling her small Pomeranian. An employee told the website he found Bynes rinsing her dog in a sink, amidst a strong odor of gasoline. (A witness to the driveway fire claims Bynes' pants were on fire when he saw her and says told him the dog had been burned by the flames.) In the video, Bynes exits the store shortly after the cashier confronts her.

TMZ reports that "sources" have confirmed doctors will seek a 2-week extension of Bynes' psychiatric hold and that her parents are seeking to place her in a Spears-style conservatorship. (Spears was placed under a 5150 hold in 2008 after locking herself in a bedroom with one of her children.)

The dog was released to Bynes' parents.

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