Dressing up in costume is a debatably enjoyable Halloween tradition that follows you from the trick-or-treating outings of childhood to the Halloween parties hosted by friends who have not yet addressed their problem with drinking of adulthood. For those in the latter scenario, there is often a desire to stay relevant—pop culturally speaking. Like by wearing this sexy pizza rat costume.

Another option for you blazing a hot Halloween trail across the web is Ahmed Mohamed “Clock Boy” costume. Not enough for you, for Halloween? Perhaps you’d like a Cecil the Lion Killer Dentist costume, and then maybe your sexy friend can be Cecil the Lion, and then maybe, at the end of the night, Cecil the Lion and his killer can fuck—finally.

Another option is Caitlyn Jenner, and then also all of these. Think you’ve seen all of the amazing pop culture Halloween costumes the web has to offer? Think again, Dress!

Check out these fun, sexy costumes available all over the world and maybe even at a retailer near you, debuting EXCLUSIVELY at Gawker.com:

Justin Bieber’s Dick, $99

Ashley Madison Hack, $90

Pope Delays iPhone Shipments to NYC, $120

“Apparently” Kid, $75

President Donald Trump, $53

Kristin Cavallari, $145

Comedianne, $65

Double Kim Davis, $103

And of course, the Gawker “G,” $65

Image via Getty, models via Shutterstock, costumes via Kelly M. Conaboy. Contact the author at kelly.conaboy@gawker.com.