Pumpkin carving is a somewhat enjoyable Halloween tradition that follows you from the inescapable family gatherings of youth to to the unbearable pumpkin carving parties of adulthood. Though most of us partake in the yearly activity, some of us go above and beyond. Like whoever did that Beyoncé pumpkin.

You may have already seen a number of similarly impressive pop culture pumpkins around the 'net, like these, or these, or these, or these, or these, and maybe you thought, "are these impressive, or are they just stencils? I mean. Or should I be impressed by stencils? I guess someone has to make the stencil and then cut carefully arou—," etc. But, believe me, you haven't seen them all!

Check out some of these amazing pop culture Halloween pumpkins licensed exclusively to Gawker.com, from around the world (and maybe your neighborhood, too!):

Ariana Grande:

Pictures of Renée Zellweger:

Favorite Football Team:

Taylor Swift:

Cast of Friends:

Grumpy Cat:

Chris Martin:


iPhone 6:

Of course, the Gawker "G":

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