Megan Kelly, a 24-year-old project manager for a marketing company in Pittsburgh, is not former attorney and current Fox News personality Megyn Kelly. But unfortunately for Megan-with-an-“a”, the furious pro-Trump supporters who keep sending her emails seem to disagree.

Megan isn’t sure how her email gets consistently mistaken for that of the significantly more Google-able Megyn Kelly, and after attempting about two dozen various Google searches (Megan Kelly gmail, Megan Kelly email, Kelly Files email, Megan Kelly personal gmail, etc.), we are similarly at a loss. Regardless, the “how” is significantly less important than the fact that it happens at all—and for which we should all be very, very grateful.

Kindly provided by the lesser-known Megan, here are all the emails she’s received from the many people looking to have a few words with a Megyn they can’t quite remember how to spell. And may they never stop trying.

From a very judgmental Trump fan:

From a close friend of Fox News President Roger Ailes:

From a patriot with a Thought:

From the same patriot, different Thought:

From a guy who likes hammers:

From someone who read a Wikipedia entry once:

From someone with a fantastic email signature:

From someone who hates both immigrants and walls:

From someone who wants Megyn to stop being such a poser:

From Tomi Lahren’s agent:

From someone who doesn’t understand what Planned Parenthood is:

[Thanks, Bob!]

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