Update: Collect the pieces of your heart and start gluing them back together, internet. She says it's not true:

Anna Kendrick, formerly the internet's girlfriend, is now reportedly dating an actual human man who plays a despised character on Game of Thrones.

Kendrick was seen sharing drinks with Lily Allen's little brother, Alfie (better known as Theon Greyjoy) at a "dark table" inside Las Vegas's SushiSamba. She had been single since her breakup last year with Shaun of the Dead director Edgar Wright, and had recently complained that no one ever hits on her.

It's no secret Kendrick is a fan of Game of Thrones, but what kind of turncloak wears this t-shirt and then dates Theon?

The internet is taking the news pretty hard. It's reportedly drinking alone while listening to the Cups Song on repeat and thinking of all the good times it shared with Kendrick. Remember when she made that joke about masturbating to Ryan Gosling? That was really special.

[H/T Dlisted, Photo: Getty Images]