OK, really, we get it, Anthony Weiner. You're running for Mayor of New York City. You think you should be given a second chance, and you won't give this shit a rest, even though you are, by all accounts, a pretty big dick with a curved dick that you SEXTED TO RANDOMS while MARRIED TO HILLARY CLINTON'S HOMEGIRL (who was pregnant with your baby) and WHILE HOLDING PUBLIC OFFICE. You kind of seem like a giant fuckface.

But fine, OK, whatever, you're trying this Mayoral bid out, and in the event it fails, the Post has exhausted all its CUMback puns and you can run for something else and people will have moved on, yadda yadda yadda. Except that you keep screwing up really simple things! And they habitually involve .jpgs! What is your problem?

Your latest problem, as Capital New York points out, is that the image in AnthonyWeiner.com's header is not the New York City skyline, but the skyline of entirely different urban area in an entirely different state. And that cityscape is Pittsburgh.

Expand that image at the top. (Not the dick.) Now, look. Is that an iconic New York City bridge in the forefront? No, it is not. It is the Roberto Clemente Bridge, also known as the Sixth Street Bridge, a structure that exists in Pittsburgh. Also, the building on the far left? That's not the Empire State Building, it's the U.S. Steel Tower. The tall construction above the WE of WEINER? That's the BNY Mellon Center.

None of these buildings are located in Manhattan or Brooklyn or the Bronx or Queens or even Staten Island, those very famous five boroughs you would supposedly like to rule. They are all located in Pittsburgh.

Seriously, guy, remove the imaging software from all your devices immediately.

[Capital New York // photo of Anthony Weiner's Weiner via Opie and Anthony]

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