Earlier today, the Associated Press’s politics-focused Twitter account tweeted out perhaps the most important piece of news the venerated outlet will ever break—just in time for Halloween.

Because the above link contains an AP exclusive so groundbreaking you have to see it to believe it. OK, OK—I’ll describe it anyway: it’s a pirate kitty on Tyrese’s Facebook page. So it’s a regular kitty, okay, but instead of four legs it has two legs, and one of its little paws has a hook—like a pirate, right—and it’s also wearing a little pirate hat on its little kitty head. And when it walks, it’s so stiff and it looks like it has a little peg leg—it’s—it’s just—ugh. So cute. It really looks like a pirate:

Haaaa!!! When your Halloween costume is on point...

The perfect tweet has since been deleted and replaced with something about an email hack—who cares.

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