Grammy-winning New Zealand singer Lorde's rise to fame is especially remarkable because she's just 17 years old. Or that's what she wants you to think. Despite the release of the singer's birth certificate—or an easily-forged printout of it, anyway—earlier this year, some still believe Lorde is older than she claims.

Add South Park's Trey Parker and Matt Stone to the list of Lorde age truthers, maybe.

"South Park apparently thinks Lorde is a middle-aged man," Spin reports, "The show had a male adult portray the 'Royals' singer last night."

Collective intake of air indicating stunned surprise!

The "male adult" turns out to be Stan's dad, Randy Marsh—voiced by Parker—who tells everyone he knows Lorde's uncle and could book the singer for the kids' cool party. To cover the lie, he shows up as Lorde himself, and the audience doesn't really notice the difference. ("She isn't as hot in person.")

Why, oh why, would South Park pick on a modest youngster who's done nothing wrong? alleged music publication Spin wonders. They're right! Aside from the popular theory that Lorde isn't a real teenager, a theory Lorde herself has joked about, I can't think of any reason. Totally unjustified. Very bad joke.

Meanwhile, the mystery of Lorde's true age remains unsolved.

[h/t Spin]